Fat Spatula in the Kitchen - Simplifying Healthy Cooking

May 28, 2019

It’s the kitchen utensil you never knew you needed. Multi-purpose and ergonomic by design, Fat Spatula will take your cooking to the next level. A single tool that acts as a spatula, tongs and a strainer, it makes cooking simple.

Better Grip Your Food
Whether you’re cooking or serving food, we’ve got you covered. Easily grab, flip and plate your food without dropping them. Functioning like a pair of tongs with a bigger holding area allows you to pick up delicate items, like fried fish, without breaking them.

Sausages, hamburgers and even veggies are easily picked up with the simple thumb operated mechanism.

kitchen utensil tongs for fishLow Fat Cooking
No one enjoys eating oily, fatty foods and the feeling that comes afterwards. The Fat Spatula has been carefully designed with this in mind, acting as a strainer when you’re cooking oily or fatty foods.

Grab and strain your food in a single motion and watch the excess oils and fats drain off your food. It’s your perfect diet cooking partner.

Ergonomic Handle with Thumb Operated Tongs
Our handle has been designed to suit chefs of all ages and abilities. Even if you have wrist problems, the Fat Spatula’s thumb operation mechanism is easily operated and requires less strength to operate than conventional kitchen tongs.

Handles High Temperatures
Highly durable construction from a combination on stainless steel and nylon. Fat Spatula is capable of operating at temperatures up to 460°F (240°C). It really is designed to withstand anything in the kitchen (except a naked flame).

So, if you are in search of an all-purpose tool for your kitchen that will eliminate the need for separate strainers, spatulas or tongs, then the Fat Spatula is one all-inclusive tool that you need to have in your kitchen.