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Happy customers say the Fat Spatula is their new favorite kitchen gadget

The 3-in-1 Tong Flipper design combines the benefits of a fat separator, spatula, and tongs into one simple easy-to-use tool. Simply flick the button with your thumb to lower the spring-loaded fat separator grid, then press to gently squeeze out fat.

Flipper Tongs Design holds more food...

The Fat Spatula is made out of hygienic Nylon that is odor-free and keeps its shape better than silicone designs. This means that the precision front edge of the spatula stays sharp to slide easily under food for quick lifting - so no more chasing food around the skillet.

Plus, the large grid size makes holding foods for cutting, flipping, and serving a breeze. In fact, happy customers say how the full-sized spatula and grid gives them the control and size to grip, lift, and move up to 3-times the meat and veggies (without food falling off the sides).

Spatula Turner + Kitchen Tongs Combo Makes Food Handling Easy...

As you check out the pictures you’ll notice the polished stainless steel Separator Grid, and the Quick-Flick button. The fat separator grid acts like tongs - only bigger - and much easier to use.

The Fat Spatula is precise enough to handle sautéed vegetables, strong enough to hold heavy meats, and with the help of the grid it can even help with difficult tasks like folding omelets. And they’re raving about how they’re able to hold foods like sausage links, and scoops of green beans that normal tongs struggle with.

Best Fat Reducing with a Flick of the Thumb...

The unique Fat Separator Grill drains excess fat from burger patties in seconds.

Get your own Fat Spatula and enjoy faster cooking times and healthier low-fat foods - all with the flick of your thumb.

And clean up is easy in soap and water (or dishwasher on top-shelf).